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Plaques of Honor we be presenting new types of Plaques going forward in 2024.
These plaques will no longer be the plaques from Azuant Custom Plaques as we will be going with local designers. These plaques will range from designs; that will honor, remember and give thanks to those who serve in the Military or as a First Responders who are all that stand between good, evil and the dash in-between. 

We thank Doug with Azuant Custom Plaques for all his hard work and dedication to Gold Star Families and Those Who Serve and wish Azuant Custom Plaques nothing but the best in future endeavors.

Plaque of Honor

The Plaque of Honor serves as a public tribute to honor, remember, reflect upon, and recognize the service and sacrifices of our Armed Forces, First Responders, and Families of Fallen Heroes.

POW/MIA 81,000

Heroes that we have Honored 

Below are the Heroes we have Honored 

They risk their lives for us, Let us Honor & Remember Their Lives TODAY! 

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