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Vest Up for the Fallen Logo

Vest Up 4 The Fallen 

Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday - Monday

May 25-26, 2025

Vest Up for the Fallen Logo

Registration for the 2025 VU4TF Opens July 4th

Click the Yellow button below to Register for Vest Up 4 the Fallen 

Participant & Finisher Patch Design through the years
Each year our team designs a new patch for the participants and a new patch design for the finishers. The finisher patch is not revealed until they are presented to finishers at Bourne National Cemetery Memorial Day. Question is Do you have what it takes??

Vest Up 4 The Fallen is a time to honor, remember, respect, reflect and pay tribute to all the US Armed Forces members who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice in service to our country. 


Vest Up 4 The Fallen is a 65 mile walk, wearing a weighted vest that kicks off at 4:30am, on Sunday, Memorial Day weekend at the 54th Regiment Memorial, near the Boston Common (Directly across from the State House) and concludes on Monday, Memorial Day at the Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne MA. Participants raise funds for, supporting our Nations Heroes and their family.  

What's the significants of wearing the Vest?
A Vest is a necessity in the military, as it provides increase levels of protection for service members, saves lives, and helps fellow service members secure and rescue a wounded or mortally wound service member; dragging them by their vest to safety in an emergency. 
By wearing a weighted vest you are constantly reminded of the all around weight and discomfort it may bring, but that it is nothing compared to the deep weight of sorrow and grief their loved ones carry in their heart everyday single day. The weight and discomfort you feel Memorial Day weekend is just that, a Weekend but your WHY is greater than yourself, it's a time where you dig deep to honor, remember, reflect,respect and pay tribute to the sacrifices made in service to our Country and letting their loved ones know that that sacrifice is not forgotten nor are they, for we understand that their sorrow and grief is not just a weekend, and it does not have a cure; for its forever! 
Our motto “Do You Have What it Takes” and “What’s Your Why” was one of the driving forces for many people to register and take part in this 65 mile march. Each person's “WHY” was different from the next, and each person dug deep to answer that question within themselves “ Do You Have What it Takes”.
Every single person that takes part in this event gives 110% of their heart, mind, body and soul. They dig deep to push themselves one step after another towards the 65 mile destination. It takes All You Got and then some, your mind will want to quit long before your body but it's up to you to keep on moving forward pushing past your comfort zone and ask yourself "DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES”!!!
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