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What's Your Why??


We all have a Why in our life that motivates us to drive forward.

For Gold Star Brother Ricky Atherton his Why is to keep his brother Cpl. David Atherton's name Alive. In collaboration with Ricky and Give2Those we created the What's Your Why Gear. We created this gear to motivate and drive people forward BEYOND THE FINISH LINE. On the front it says WHAT'S YOUR WHY the on the back it says TO HONOR THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR TOMORROW FOR MY TODAY! 

That means get out there and do something because YOU can because YOU were given another day to do great things. In the center is our Official logo in which represents what Give2Those stands for and What's Our Why

The final words are simple LIVE A LIFE WORTHY OF THEIR SACRIFISE!

You will notice us spell "sacrifice" with "fise" at the end.  "Fise" (from Indo-European) means "to breathe."

"Live a Life Worthy of Their SACRIFISE

As the last part of the last word in our message, it reinforces that a hero's last breath is the last action they take before paying the ultimate price for the rest of us.







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