Plaques of Honor 

Azuant Custom Plaques has exclusively collaborated with 

to Honor and Remember our Nations Heroes and their Families

Official Plaque of Honor Logo .png
Official Plaque of Honor Logo .png

Plaques of Honor is a way to publicly Honor, Remember, Reflect and Recognize the service and sacrifices made by members of our Armed Forces, First Responders and Families of Fallen Heroes.  


Plaques are custom crafted by hand, by Doug Pickel​, ​owner of Azuant Custom Plaques.





When you sponsor or donate to Plaque of Honor, you are directly impacting a Service Member, First Responder or a Family of a Fallen Hero. For a family member who receives a Plaque of Honor it is a gift of sincere appreciation for the loss that was suffered, as well as for the sacrifice that was made. For a Member of the Armed Forces or First responder who receives a Plaque of Honor, we are acknowledging our gratitude and appreciation for all that was given and sacrificed. 

No matter who you want to honor, Plaques of Honor shows an appreciation to those who serve, first responders and to families of fallen service members, that as a Nation we give our unwavering gratitude for their Hard Work, Dedication Service, Duty, Fidelity, Valor, Integrity and Self-Sacrifice that will live on for generations to come. 

Our Heroes will Never Be Forgotten.  We Thank you for sponsoring our Nations Heroes!

Plaques of Honor

Meet Doug Pickel owner Azuant Custom Plaques

"When hearts come together, good things happen". The love we at Azuant Custom Plaques put into each build is just as strong as our love for those who served our country and communities in uniform. A craft chosen by God and nurtured by my father a WWII U.S.Navy Veteran my passion for woodworking began getting nurtured at a young 6 years of age as well as respect for our flag and all who served. I can only hope and pray that in my father's eyes, I'm honoring his service and everything his generation sacrificed during WWII with each plaque built. I began following Give2Those from the beginning and grew a deep respect for the many ways they help our veterans, police, fire and first responders. Their love and deep respect for the families of our fallen HEROS is evident in everything they do. I'm extremely proud to unite with Give2Those and help them raise funds for our saviors of freedom and their families by providing the Purple Heart Plaque, Service Medal Plaque, and an exclusive Flag Plaque for Police and Fire to Give2Those. I've been blessed by God with amazing friends who's hearts are the same as mine for giving back and that puts us in the right place, with the right charity, to show the love, respect, and honor their sacrifice with a one of a kind plaque from our heart to yours, it's the least we can do to honor their sacrifice and give back.


"For those whom fought for it, Freedom has a taste the protected will never know". 


Thank you kindly and God Bless

Doug Pickel President 

Azuant Custom Plaques

Gold Star Family Lynn and John Patton, service plaque presented in Memory of their  Son Sg

Heroes that we have Honored 

Below are the Heroes we have Honored 

They risk their lives for us, Let us Honor & Remember Their Lives TODAY!