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On behalf of Give2Those we would like to Thank Massachusetts Waterfowlers Inc for their unwavering support and contribution to the 2023 Thin Line Arrow Archery Program, supporting our Nation's Heroes & children of our Nation's Heroes. Making a difference on bow at a time.


2023 Season is filled and now closed out! 
Applications received at this time will be allocated into the 2024 program.
Spots are Limited once all spots are filled applicants will be put on a waitlist.
Please Note: Spots fill up fast each year- Spots are not Guaranteed once all available spots have been filled! 

The Thin Line Arrow Archery Program starts January 1st and runs until the end of March

Application deadline is December 1

All Applicants must fill out an application and waiver form in person or via online below. 

Please note spots fill up fast.

Please Only Register if you are Willing to Commit to the Program and the Guidelines. 

THIN LINE ARROW ARCHERY is a program hosted by in collaboration with Reedy’s Archery in Middleboro. 


The Thin Line Arrow Archery Program is aimed to help the physical and psychological well being of our Nations Heroes by introducing them to the world of archery. Our mission is to develop the skills of archery that allows them to enjoy the benefits of archery now and for the future.

In the future we will be expanding by introducing our Nation's Heroes children into the world of Archery. This will be in the summer of 2022. More information will be coming soon, here on our website. 

Benefits of Archery and Mental Health: 


Archery is a therapeutic sport which can help to motivate, empower, strengthen and renew our Nations Heroes through physical activity and social interaction.

Archery helps to sharpen the mind, improved sleep, reduce levels of stress, depression and the lessening of anxiety. It requires significant mental input, discipline, focus, concentration, motivation, self-efficacy and patience which encourages our Nations Heroes to look for new ways to change their habits and lifestyle. 


Archery as a physical exercise: 


Taking part in archery is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. Strengthens the body, your shoulder, back, chest, arm, and core muscle groups all receive a workout when shooting a bow. 


What one will learn: 

 You will learn archery etiquette and safety rules, all aspects of using a bow and arrow, including, bow fitting, storing, handling, and shooting to include fixing any bad habits while developing your shooting form. For archers who already have some archery, Reedy's Archery provides the instruction and guidance to sharpen skills and improve form, focus, concentration and shot execution. 


Reedy's knowledgeable instructors will work with you to instill the basics of archery and to develop your confidence and competence on the range, creating a solid foundation of knowledge and skill that will allow you to progress in the sport of archery. 


PLEASE - Do Not sign up if you are not willing to commit to the following terms and conditions as noted below; as you would essentially be taking away a spot from a fellow service member/first responder who may have been placed on the waitlist.

Our team works hard to raise funds for this program, a program that not only supports the physical and psychological well being of our Nation's Heroes but honors our Nation's Fallen Heroes; so Please be respectful and only fill out the application if you are willing to commit.

Terms and Conditions: 

Applicants must be a Veteran, Active Duty Service Member, or First Responder

(Military, Please include Rank and Branch) 

Due to the high demand for this program, if an applicant Misses 1 class within the 3 month period you will be disqualified from the program.