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The meaning behind the GIVE2THOSE Logo

One night the President of Give2Those, Inc. was trying to figure out a way to incorporate the meaning of Give2Those in a logo that would capture what Give2Those stood for and how it was derived from - the Annual Stride and Ride Relay (Relay) Event. She prayed and asked for guidance from above and little by little she started to draw out the logo as you see it today- incorporating the meaning and values in which and Stride & Ride Relay represents. 

The Hands: Hands represents amity, authority, benediction, construction, divine grace, divine presence, faith, force, greeting, honor, labors, mastery, oath, pledge, usefulness, vigor, work, strength and protection. They are a reminder that our US Armed Forces Members and First Responders give us their hands each and everyday in service to their Nation and fellow Americans.  As a Nation we need to hold our US Armed Forces and First Responders close within our hands and the grips of our fingers and Give2Those who so willingly left the comfort of their homes to save, protect, and defend.

The Firefighter Badge: The Number 343 represents the number of Firefighters who gave their lives saving others on September 11,2001. The badge itself is a reminder to our Nation that when a Firefighter wear the badge of the Maltese Cross an eight-pointed cross, that the Firefighter is willing to protect and lay down his own life for the safety of his brother. The Scramble in the center of the cross symbolizes readiness, togetherness and preparedness and as a Nation we hold the Firefighter badge in our hands, in our heart and we will never forget the Service and Sacrifices our Firefighters make each and every day to walking the Thin Red Line. 

The EMS Badge: In remembrance of the EMS members who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. The badge itself is a reminder to our Nation that EMT put on the badge they serve our communities in oath to honor the physical and judicial laws of God and man. These brave men and women respond during our most vulnerable moments, as a Nation we hold the EMS badge in our hands, in our heart and we will never forget the Service and Sacrifices our EMS members make each and every day to walking the Thin White Line. 

The Police Badge: The number 72 represents the number of Police Officers and EMS that lost their lives on September 11, 2001. The number 93 is to pay tribute to passengers, crew members and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Officer who lost their lives on Flight 93 in Stoystown, PA. The numbers 9-11-2001 in the badge is a reminder of that fateful day, but also a day that United Americans and people around the world. The Police badge itself is a reminder to our Nation that police officers put on the badge over their heart to ever remind them of their pledge to protect the people and keep the peace and because the left arm was the arm that often held the coat of arms shield of knights… protecting the heart and leaving the dominant hand to fight with a weapon. They wear the badge to show their allegiance to the communities they serve; as a Nation we hold the Police badge in our hands, in our heart and we will never forget the Service and Sacrifices our Police Officers make each and every day to walking the Thin Blue Line. 

The Dog Tags: We hold the Dog Tags within our hands and in the grips of our fingers to remember every service member who has served in all branches of the Armed Forces and to never forget the sacrifices that have been made since the American Revolutionary War - 19 April 1775. They are a reminder to all Americans that our security, freedom and way of life are thanks to our Fellow Americans who serve in our Armed Forces. 

The POW-MIA Dog Tag: The POW-MIA Dog tag is held higher within the grips of the fingers as a constant reminder of the plight of America’s unreturned veterans.

The 22 A Day Memorial Bracelet: The 22 A Day memorial bracelet is a reminder of the 22 Veterans we lose everyday due to the Invisible Wounds of Service. It’s a way to honor, remember and to keep their memory alive and to never forget their service and sacrifice to our Nation. 

The Towers: Are in memory of the individuals who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in the North and South Tower and on Flight 11 and Flight 175 out of Boston Logan Airport. The Towers are also a reminder of the families left behind and the lives lost in the subsequent years due to 9/11 related illness. 

Why the Twin Towers are Blue: The Blue represents the valley of tears we cry together as a Nation. The flow of tears leads out only one way to the left side (just above the 22 A Day Bracelet). It’s a single tear drop; which represents the tear drop that never truly falls, it’s the tear drop of grief; sorrow, mourning, empathy, compassion, love and memories of those we have lost that will forever remain within our hearts.

The Yellow and Black Ribbon: The Yellow in the ribbon is a symbol of support to those who serve. The blue in the ribbon are the tears of sorrow that will forever flow from within. The Black in the ribbon is a symbol of remembrance and mourning.

The yellow and black colors together at the top symbolizes that of a Halo representing the Bunker Gear worn by Firefighters who rush into action and were willing to go to the skies on a desperate mission of saving and evacuating the lives of others. The reason for the Halo at the top is a reminder that 343 Firefighter lost their lives and were angles to those they seek to save-It's a reminder that this was the largest loss of life of any emergency response agency in history.  

The Pentagon: Behind the Towers stands the Pentagon which is in memory of the Pentagon employees, contractors, the passengers and crew members on Flight 77 who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. 

As a Nation We Might Not Know Them All but We do what we can to Give2Those who serve, protect, and who we have lost;

We give to the men and women that built this country and keep us protected each and everyday........ 

          The logo was designed and created by the President and Founder of Give2Those, Inc -Stride & Ride Relay 

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