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Operation R.P.G
Resilience, Persistence & Grit

Our Motto  "Together We Start, Together We Finish"


What is Operation R.P.G
Resilience, Persistence & Grit

Resilience, Persistence & Grit

We Operate as one Unit, working together towards one goal, to complete the mission set fourth.  

Operation Resilience, Persistence & Grit actively propels our Military Members, First Responder & Civilian Family Members into physical and social events and programs that motivates, empowers, strengthens and renews their physical, mental, and emotional well being, while also building camaraderie.


Operation Resilience, Persistence & Grit  reminds one another that no matter what the team endeavors, we stay the course, refusing to give up or let go pushing one another to keep moving forward. 

 "Together We Start, Together We Finish"

The Operation Resilience, Persistence & Grit  Team engages in events throughout Massachusetts & beyond that honors fallen service members, and first responders and pays respects to those they leave behind. It's a reminder to the team and the Nation that it's not how a Hero Passed but rather How They Lived.

That being said, at some events some of our Operation Operation Resilience, Persistence & Grit  Team members may wear a weighted vest. These Weighted Vest are worn to honor the fallen. The weight that is carried becomes a reminder that it is nothing compared to the sacrifice made in service to our Nation and the deep weight of sorrow and grief their loved ones carry in their heart every single day.

We Honor: Their Service, Their Sacrifice & Their Life


Operation R.P.G - Resilience, Persistence & Grit Team will be Participating In the following 2024 Events

Operation Resilience, Persistence & Grit  Team - Together We Start, Together We Finish 

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Tough Ruck 26.2 

Apr il 14, 2024 

The Fenn School, 516 Monument St, Concord, MA 01742


Sunday June 9th, 2024

Auburn Elks
754 Southbridge Street, Auburn MA

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 US Army Veteran Angelo Rossi - 2nd Annual Memorial 5k Walk/Run

Sunday, May 5, 2024

American Legion Post 76 

Jamaica Plain, MA


May 18th, 2024 Newfound Lake, Hebron, New Hampshire

Together we can build a bridge between the gap; where Veterans and First Responders actively engaging in conversations with civilians so that they can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the experiences, and the challenges they face not only when they serve but also when they leave such service. 

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