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The safety briefing and instructions below are an important part of our safety procedures and must be followed, please take time to review

 Safety is of utmost number one priority. to G2T/ MOAMRWAP. However, every rider must be competent and comfortable with their riding skills and understand that everyone is responsible for their own safety as well as the effect they have on the safety of the other riders in the pack. There are many potential hazards in an open road event of this type including, but not limited to: automobile traffic, creatures in the road and/or on pathways, walkways etc, road and trail conditions, and weather. We ask that all participants please take appropriate precautions to ensure a safe event.  Please help us keep the ride safe by focusing on being safe. 

Moto Joe


  • All riders will be required to sign a waiver beforehand 

  • You have voluntarily entered a motorcycle road-riding event. Give 2 Those Inc® (G2T) / Marine on a Mission, Riding with a Purpose® / (MOAMRWAP) does not indicate that the facilities or course have been inspected, nor does it indicate that G2T/ MOAMRWAP Team/officials have been trained or accredited by any motorcycle association, nor does it indicate that your safety has been warranted by G2T/ MOAMRWAP. 

  • Please observe all federal, state and local laws, and ride safely and defensively. We request that you and your passenger wear a helmet, appropriate clothing and eyewear. If you and/or your passenger choose to ride without a helmet, you do so at your own risk. Please ride with your headlight on at all times and never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • To some extent, all motor vehicles are inherently dangerous. You should take part in this event based on your own assessment of your abilities that you are an experienced in and familiar with the operation of motorcycles and fully understand the risks and dangers inherent in motorcycling. 

  • You understand that you are voluntarily participating in the event and you expressly agree sole responsibility for the safe and successful operation of my motorcycle, and to accept the entire risk of any accidents or personal injury, including death, which I might suffer as a result of my participation in the event. You further understand and you assume all risks in participating in the event.  

  • The activities of this event may be videotaped. As the undersigned, you agree that your likeness may be used in promotional materials and will hold harmless the “Released Parties” and agree that no monetary or any other consideration will be given for their use.

  • The route will traverse public highways and G2T/ MOAMRWAP is not responsible for their condition or the actions of other individuals using the public highways.

  • G2T / MOAMRWAP does not provide medical insurance. We urge you not to operate a motorcycle without personal medical coverage.

  • G2T / MOAMRWAP Animal Policy All animals are the sole responsibility of their owners. Any damage caused to people, other animals, etc, are the sole responsibility of the owner. G2T / MOAMRWAP will NOT be responsible to maintain, rescue, control or help any animal at anytime.



There will be a safety briefing at the start of each ride. Follow all Road Guard directions and instructions.

  • Respect private property along the route. Don't relieve yourself in the neighbors bushes. Respect the outdoors and Do Not Litter leave places cleaner than they were when you got there.

  • Stay off highway pegs as much as possible. You must always be prepared to react defensively. 

  •  Always check mirrors and do a head check before changing lanes.

  • Ride in your lane and stay off “zippers” (painted lane dividers) and “fog lines.”)

  • Pass back all hand signals. (Passengers are NOT to give hand signals.)

  • Make sure you have plenty of space before pulling in front of another vehicle. Give extra space to 18 wheelers.

  • Watch for and yield to merging traffic.

  • If you are uncomfortable, feel tired or have an issue with your bike, and need to “tap out” and leave let someone from the MOAMRWAP team know.

  • Make sure that everything is well secured on your bike and make sure to check it at stops, as an object falling off your bike is a hazard to all the bikes and vehicles behind you.

  • Hydrate often and keep hydrating. Scroll below to read "Riding in the Heat" (The Team will have water on hand)

  • Ride respectfully and always remain alert.

  • Do not park your motorcycles in any fire lanes or block fire hydrants at any of our stops. 

  • If you are not handicap, do not park in one of those spots you will be asked to move by a MOAMRWAP team leader




Riding in hot, humid, and sunny conditions can take a toll on the body. 

Pre-hydrate before you start, hydrate during your stage, and re-hydrate once you reach your ending point.Electrolyte replacement is just as important as hydration. Gatorade, Power Aid drinks can help with that. Keeping your core body temperature as low as possible is also a vital component when being active in the heat. If you are feeling over heated or are getting hot you can pour cold water on your head and neck and to slow your pace are two great ways to help keep your body’s temperature under control. 



Heat Exhaustion: 

Is usually accompanied by a fever no higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, excessive thirst, nausea, fainting, cool and clammy skin, weakness, muscle aches, heavy sweating, slow heartbeat and dizziness. Anyone who suspects that they have heat exhaustion should immediately rest and rehydrate. If symptoms do not improve, seek medical attention to prevent heatstroke.


Heatstroke also called Sunstroke: 

Is the most serious heat-related illness. This may develop following heat exhaustion if the condition of heat exhaustion is not treated. Heatstroke occurs when the body’s temperature rises to 104ºF or higher and the cooling system stops working. This potentially life-threatening condition is characterized by nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, rapid heart rate, hot and dry skin, shortness of breath and decreased urination. When heat exhaustion is not addressed, heatstroke can follow. 


Heatstroke is the most severe heat-related illness and, without emergency treatment, it can lead to death. If you show signs of either of these conditions, immediately seek medical attention.


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