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What is Stride & Ride Relay?


Stride and Ride Relay (Relay) occurs every October. The Relay occurs in October as a way to educate individuals about the importance of October 7, 2001, the day of the first deployment in the war on terror. The Relay also helps to keep alive the memories of all the individuals who lost their lives, not only on September 11, 2001, but in the subsequent years either due to 9/11 related illness, service related injuries, or the invisible wounds of war.


The relay spans 911 miles from Boston, Massachusetts to Arlington, Virginia. Traversing through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  Stages vary from one to sixty miles for Runners, Cyclists, Walkers/Ruckers, and Motorcyclists. 

​Whether you're an avid runner, to a generally active walker/rucker, to a cyclist who loves to pedal away or someone who simply wants to sit back on a motorcycle and ride the open roads; Stride and Ride Relay has a stage (s) for you. 

We invite you to take the Challenge and be apart of this exciting journey; by lending your support, registering for a stage(s), fundraising, donating, sponsoring or helping to spread the word. 


Stride and Ride Relay embodies the hope that those lost will never be forgotten; those still serving, our Veterans, and First Responders will be supported; and to bring America Together United in our Hearts for the Greater Good.